MMModern May 11, 2018

Join us May 11, 2018 to experience the sights and sounds of percussion chamber music

Featuring The Percussion Collective Robert van Sice


This spring, MMModern will feature The Percussion Collective Robert van Sice.


The Collective was formed by Professor van Sice, Chair of the Yale Percussion Department, and is comprised of former students of the Yale Percussion Group, one of the world’s foremost student percussion ensembles. The Percussion Collective features a “distinctly insightful approach to the performance of percussion chamber music challenging the limits of excellence and thrilling audiences.”


The program will begin with Seaborne, a piece by Emmy Award-winning composer Garth Neustadter. In addition to the compelling percussion work for six musicians, Seaborne also contains a video component by marine photographer Kjell van Sice, putting the piece at the nexus of the percussive art soundscape and the visual celebration of our endangered oceans.”  


The ensemble will then perform the iconic Sextet by Steve Reich, one of the seminal pieces in the percussion repertoire.


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