• It was breathtaking, astonishing really; people were hooting and cheering and grinning from ear to ear.

  • Thank you for another delightful year! The March concert was fabulous!

  • Thanks for another wonderful series!! I am already looking forward to next Fall!

  • Ed Arron is a national treasure.

  • Musical Masterworks is a splendid and exceptional organization.

  • Musical Masterworks has changed our community forever.

    Pamela Hamilton, Old Lyme
  • How totally enjoyable the concerts have been all year . . . I don't remember leaving one on such a high as I did this afternoon. The audience was totally engaged, including a young boy in the balcony across from me who stood and listened, totally absorbed. A wonderful sight !

  • It is such an unusual series and one of the greatest pleasures in my life: to sit quietly: no extraneous unordered beeps or squeaks and cacophony. Only sweet sounds from very skilled and talented musicians, offering themselves to us and sharing the beauty created between composer and player. So rare these days...I always feel a lot better after a MM concert. Necessary R&R.

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Fred Velardi interviewed Edward Arron and it recently broadcast on WMNR’s Fine Arts Forum.  Ed will whet your appetite for the season with a beautiful cello performance at the end of the interview.  Click the image below to hear the interview.  


Published on October 14, 2019 by CT Examiner | by Cate Hewitt The 29th season of Musical Masterworks will come to a crescendo with a special celebration of Beethoven’s 250th birthday, featuring all of Beethoven’s string quartets in two three-day weekends of music March 13-15 and May 1-3. For the two Beethoven weekends, the series […]


By Rick Koster,  Day Staff Writer  |  October 6, 2019 How many Musical Masterworks musicians does it take to blow out 250 birthday candles? Four — at least if it’s the Ehnes Quartet and they’re celebrating the sestercentennial of Ludwig von Beethoven’s birth. Rather than extinguish tapirs on a cake, though, the quartet has bigger plans. […]


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