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It is such an unique series and one of the greatest pleasures in my life: to sit quietly, no extraneous unordered beeps or squeaks and cacophony. Only sweet sounds from very skilled and talented musicians, offering themselves to us and sharing the beauty created between composer and player. So rare these days...I always feel a lot better after a MM concert. Necessary R&R.








How totally enjoyable the concerts have been all year . . . I don't remember leaving one on such a high as I did this afternoon. The audience was totally engaged, including a young boy in the balcony across from me who stood and listened, totally absorbed. A wonderful sight !
"It was breathtaking, astonishing really; people were hooting and cheering and grinning from ear to ear."

“Thanks for another wonderful series!! I am already looking forward to next Fall!”

The February Musical Masterworks concert delighted and surprised us. Although we knew the music would be beautiful, watching the musicians up close as they performed gave us a new appreciation of their talents.