What they're saying about our videos!

Though we cannot offer you in-person concerts this season, we are thankful that we are still filming each performance as planned.  Many of our ticket buyers have enjoyed our performances this season from the safety and comfort of their homes and have taken the time to share their thoughts about their video experiences.  We are delighted to have their permission to share their thoughts with you below.

"AMAZING job!!! The presentation, production, musicianship; I’ve got to say, that’s just about the best virtual concert I’ve ever seen! Wow, wow, wow, I can’t wait for the rest of this season.” – 27-year-old cellist, Brooklyn, NY


“I so enjoyed the violin-piano concert!! Especially the Kreutzer Sonata — they were impeccable in every way!  Beautiful concert!!  Looking forward to the next one!”


– Professional musician, piano and voice teacher, Verona, NJ



“I listened to MM 2x yesterday, so now totaling 5X. I imagine that for many, MM being online and with three weeks of viewing, is a wonderful gift.”


– Musical Masterworks Board Member



“I am about to listen to my third replay. The performance is as good as any I have ever experienced and the AV people  did an incredible job. Congratulations in pulling off the near impossible.”



– Musical Masterworks Board Member



“Many, many congratulations to you, your Board, Edward Arron, and all the supporters and especially the technicians who made the first concert video of Beethoven’s Sonatas such a huge success. Yesterday a small audience due to social distancing of StoneRidge residents were inspired by the talent of James Ehnes and Andrew Armstrong in presenting these delightful works. It was very uplifting under the circumstances in which we live and I feel strongly that all of you who made it happen need to know how appreciative we all are. Thank you, thank you and please pass on these thoughts to all involved.” 


– An ardent regular concertgoer and StoneRidge resident as well as former next door neighbor of the First Congregational Church of Old Lyme


“Just a note to let you know that we are loving the Beethoven violin and piano sonatas over dinner here in Tucson. Thank you for bringing us such magnificent performances out here, which of course we would not be able to enjoy in person in Old Lyme. It’s an ill wind that blows no good.”


— Long time attendees and supporters from Tucson, Arizona


“Was absolutely fabulous. The Sound was quite wonderful. And it was great to actually see the musicians play. So thank you very much. We are looking forward to the next concerts with great anticipation.”


– Essex Meadows Resident

"This beautiful day passed me by, because I spent much of the afternoon glued to my computer while I watched and listened to the Beethoven Concert of Musical Masterworks. The Spring and the Kreutzer are two of my favorites, an the C minor was a wonderful new piece for me to appreciate. This is a great way to start your season, and I see many more of my favorites scheduled for the continuing series."  – A long time supporter of Musical Masterworks
“I have been so enjoying the online concert series produced byMusical Masterworks!  Everything is perfection — the church looks beautiful, the piano sounds divine, the string playing is of the highest caliber.  The artists are top-notch and all the production values are to be applauded as well.  The camera work is spot-on; it is clear that a musician is following the musical score and knows where the camera should “be” at all times; the sound quality is truly first-rate — I can close my eyes and pretend I’m right there in the church with the players.  I have been so blessed to have received this concert series as a gift from my dear, dear friend Alden Rockwell Murphy.  Everyone who has made this possible deserves a standing ovation!! Kudos to all.”
— Pianist, soprano, teacher, NJ
I am so grateful to you! I just listened to the December concert — it’s SO lovely and Edward Arron and Jeewon Park are magical together! It brought me to tears.  What a great thing to do today, particularly.  I am so glad I subscribed. — December video ticket subscriber
The February Musical Masterworks concert delighted and surprised us. Although we knew the music would be beautiful, watching the musicians up close as they performed gave us a new appreciation of their talents.
—  Previous subscribers who recently moved to Florida