December 3 & 4, 2022

In December, artists joining Artistic Director, Tessa Lark included cellist Joshua Roman, who made his MM debut along with polymath Edgar Meyer.  Edgar’s astounding bass playing and composing were the inspiration behind our December shows.


Edgar Meyer, Double Bass

Joshua Roman, Cello

Tessa Lark, Violin


J.S. Bach, Gamba Sonata in G Major, BWV 1027 (arr. for violin, cello and bass)

Edgar Meyer, Trio 1

Rossini, Duet for Cello and Bass in D Major

Edgar Meyer, Trio 3


Many thanks to Barbara Smith for sponsoring Saturday’s concert and to James B. and Alden R. Murphy and Samuel Freeman Trust for sponsoring Sunday’s concert.

Performing Musicians

Edgar Meyer

Double Bass

In demand as both a performer and a composer, Edgar Meyer has formed a role in the music world unlike any other.

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Joshua Roman


Joshua Roman is a solo cellist, accomplished composer, and curator whose performances embrace musical styles from Bach to Radiohead.

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Tessa Lark


Tessa Lark is one of the most captivating artistic voices of her time.  A budding superstar in the classical realm, she is also a highly acclaimed fiddler in the tradition of her native Kentucky.

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