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“I know of nowhere else where the immediacy of music is so gripping” — Milton Moore, The Day’s classical music writer


Musical Masterworks would like to say a heartfelt “thank you” to Milton Moore, who recently retired as The Day’s classical music writer.  For 20 years, he reviewed our performances and sang our praises as he did in his last article for The Day.

“The life span of Musical Masterworks, now in its 25th season, has pretty much matched my time here and continues to be the finest concert experience one could hope for. The chamber music series almost never fails to delight. The small venue, with its ideal acoustics, makes the listener feel like a participant. I know of nowhere else where the immediacy of music is so gripping — or where a concert-goer can have such direct contact with such big-time, big city virtuosity and musicianship.”

To learn more about what Milton Moore had to say about Musical Masterworks, read his article “Just start the season without me”, which was featured in The Day on September 10, 2015.

We wish you well as you enjoy your retirement on Cape Cod and look forward to meeting the new classical music writer for The Day.