MMModern – March 24, 2023

Vision Duo

This season we had the pleasure of welcoming Vision Duo for our Outreach Program and MMModern concert on March 24, 2023. Comprised of violinist Ariel Horowitz and percussionist Britton-René Collins, Vision Duo presented an exploration of musical genres and sonic possibilities for violin and percussion, joined by Tessa Lark. This program featured improvisation, as well as works by classical and contemporary composers, including Horowitz and Collins.


Thank you to Sue Joffray and Principle Wealth Partners for sponsoring this concert.



Sheridan Seyfried: Blues Train

Matt Curlee: Nocturnes for Violin and Marimba (2017, rev. 2018)

Connor Chee: Coyotes (2018)

Carmen Fantasy (arr. Vision Duo)

Erroll Garner: Misty (arr. Vision Duo)


Piazzolla (arr. Vision Duo): Histoire du Tango

Ariel Horowitz: Solitude